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Interntl. collaboration
St.Erazmo Special Hospital for Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia, offers a possibility for teleconsultations through Internet for all medical and scientific institutions as well as for everybody interested in teleconsultations.
Consultations are based on the analysis of medical verbal and graphic data: color or black-an-white photos, radiographs, tomograms, ultrasonograms and other data of clinical and instrumental examination.
Your personal data should be sent to our e-mail address: traortoh@t-home.mk taking into consideration the format and the size of data. Because of the compatibility of the data the following formats should be used:
1. Graphic data: (24 bit color or grayscale)
Personal photos: JPEG.
Radiographs, tomograms and similar materials: BMP or PCX formats compressed in ARJ, RAR, TAR, ZIP or any other formats used for reducing the volume by transmitting; GIF
2. Textual data: MS Word for Windows (any version), WordPad for Windows, Notepad for Windows
3. Digital data: MS Excel for Windows, Notepad for Windows
4. Personal database: MS Access for Windows (any version)
The following parameters are urgently recommended for medical photos:
1. Personal photos: resolution minimum 75 dpi, 24 bit color, JPEG format taken with digital camera without processing.
2. Total view radiographs: resolution minimum150 dpi, grayscale, any bit mapped graphics or JPEG with a small compression factor.
3. Radiographs and tomograms for visualizing a middle size area (i.e. pelvis fracture or a major joint): resolution 300 dpi, grayscale, any bit mapped graphics.
4. Radiographs and tomogramd for visualizihg a small size (i.e. hand and vertebra injuries): resolution 300 dpi, grayscale, any bit mapped graphics.
5. Histologic preparation of the photos and other small sized objects: resolution 600dpi, 24 bit color or optimized pallet, any bit mapped graphics.
E-mail: traortoh@t-home.mk
Telephone: ++389 46 272700
Fax: ++389 462 70217

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