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Special Hospital for Orthopaedics and Traumatology "St. Erazmo" - Ohrid is organized in medical departments and divisions as follows:
  • orthopedic-traumatology female section (2 suites),
  • orthopedic-traumatology male department (2 suites),
  • orthopedic-traumatology children's department,
  • female rehabilitation department (paraplgia),
  • men's rehabilitation department (paraplegia),
  • medical department for cerebral paralysis (5 suites),
  • new facility with a special standard (11 suites),
  • medical department - operating rooms with 2 aseptic operating rooms with complete infrastructure and instruments and one new operating room intended for septic emergency traumatology-orthopedic medicine with complete supporting infrastructure (for reanimation and intensive care with equipment and instruments),
  • medical department - intensive care and reanimation room (18 + 6 beds for intensive care and reanimation with all the necessary infrastructure),
  • medical department of physical therapy - physical therapy block with 4 units with the necessary equipment (1 pool and 1 small children's pool with a set of physiotherapy devices),
  • medical department ambulances with bandaging room and plaster room (5 ambulances for external examinations and a reception unit),
  • department of medicine for X-ray, CT, ultrasound, EEG and EMG,
  • medical department bio-laboratory,
(Within each department exists a physical therapy department)
  • food preparation department,
  • laundry department,
  • department for technical maintenance,
  • administrative department of economic and financial affairs (financial accounting, material accounting, pacient discharge and payment information unit, cash receipt, hospital pharmacy),
  • administrative general and legal affairs department (general and legal affairs, archive, fire protection and insurance, human resources, security),
  • hospital pharmasy.
Stationary Outpatient Department

Physiotherapy outpatient clinic

X-ray diagnostics and ultrasound diagnostics Operating Department

X-ray section


aseptic room


septic room

Laboratory medical biochemistry

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation  


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