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Doctors' council
Interntl. collaboration
Disorders, injuries, and sequels
Orthopaedic Surgery
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Reconstructive Surgery
 Activities (problems to be solved)
Orthopaedic-Trauma disorders  
Deformities of the spine
Deformities of long bones
Congenital and acquired anomalies of the bone joint system
Infections of the bone joint system
Bone and soft tissue tumours
Congenital and acquired deformities of the foot
Congenital and acquired deformities of the hand
Cerebral palsy
Poliomyelitis sequels treatment
Degenerative and dystrophic diseases
Rheumatic disorders and their sequels
Bone joint tuberculosis
Acute trauma of the bone joint system
Trauma sequels
False joints and bone defects of a various genesis


Disorders of a urology nature  
Surgeries on the urogenital system in paraplegic patients
Surgeries on a children's urinary system (congenital and acquired anomalies)
Reconstructive surgeries on skin and soft tissues
Neurosurgical disorders (problems)  
The use of modern methods and technologies in the operational treatment
Harrington & CD method in spine deformities and trauma
Joint replacement (cement and noncement/ total and subtotal joint arthroplasty
Hip and knee endoprosthetics
Ilizarov methods and techniques
Reconstructive surgeries on long bones
Reconstructive surgeries on joints
The use of modern technologies and osteosynthesis implants (DHS, DCS, AO, external fixates)
Translocation surgery of muscles, tendons, and bones
Auto and All graft transplantation of bones and soft tissues
Reconstructive mobilizing surgeries on joints
Reconstructive stabilizing surgeries on joints
The use of non-operative (conservative) technologies and methods
Electrotherapy and Electro stimulation
Therapy including non-medical methods (recreative activities)

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