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Dr. Sci. Micunovic D. Mile, MD
Part of the job of the centre for paraplegia, Prof. d-r Mile D. Micunovic, dr. sci. D-r Pavel Ivanoski
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Urology, Sexology and Reconstructive - Surgeries on Skin and Soft Tissues
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Date of birth, Town, Country:12.10.1951, Kicevo, Macedonia
Education (Degree): B.A. degree, MD, Ph. D.
Working experience: 30 years
Field of research: Urology
Residency (home or abroad), and Certificates:
     Active member of the "European Association of Urology", (EAU);
     Member of the "Societe Internationale d'Urologie", (SUI);
     Resident member of the "European Society for Impotence Research", (Esir);
     Member of the "International Continent Society", ICS;
     Member of the "Doctors' Chamber Assembly" of Macedonia;
  Resident member of the "Science and Art Society" in Bitola;
  Non-resident professor at the Medical College in Bitola, "St. Kliment Ohridski" University. Subject: Surgery and Nursing;
  Signed in the science and research personnel with the Ministry of Science, Republic of Macedonia
Research Analyst participating in two science-research projects;
  Main Research Analyst in the project" Analysis of the Changes in neurogenic disfunction of the lower urinary tract in paraplegic and quadroplegic patients" carried out by the Ministry of Science, Republic of Macedonia;
  He has been given the title primarius by a special commission of the Ministry of Health, Republic of Macedonia;
  President of the "Commission for the Safety of Waters and Mountains" of the Red Cross Organization-Ohrid;
  Member of tne "Council for the Safety of Waters and Mountains" of the Red Cross Organization, Republic of Macedonia.

Author of nine books:
  Urologic Disorders in Neurogenic Disfunction of the Lower Urinary Tract, Radio Ohrid, Ohrid, 1993
  Impotence and Preservance of sexual activity in spine injuries, Radio Ohrid, Ohrid, 1993
  Safety on water, drowning, Science and Art Society, Bitola, 1996
  Sexuality, Erotism and Power, Science and Art Society, Bitola, 1998
  Surgical Technique on Skin, Macedonian Civilisation, Skopje, 1999
  Dilemmas, Macedonian Civilisation, Skopje, 1999
  Urinary Rehabilitation, Kosta Abrash, Ohrid, 2000
  Sexual Potence, Kosta Abrash, Ohrid, 2000
  It makes you wonder, Kosta Abrash, Ohrid, 2000

Related field research paper:
In his working experience so far, he has published 154 scientific and expertise research papers which have been reviewed and published in the Bitola University Billboard, issue162, year 1995, and in the Skopje University Billboard, issue 721, year 1998, issue 733, year 1999, issue 751, year 2000.
  Мicunоvic М., Аngeloski G.: Акутен хематоген остеомиелитис на надлактичната коска, Мак. мед. преглед, Скопје, 1981, 35(5-6):125-126.
  Paskali V., Мићуновић М.: Радни дан специјалне болнице ѕа ортопедију, трауматологију и костно-зглобну туберкулозу - Охрид, Здравствени радник, Сарајево, 1982, 10(21-22):2213-2215.
  Мicunоvic М., Paskali V.: Нега и лекување на нарушената функција на мочниот меур кај пациенти со параплегија, Зборник на V конгрес на ЗР на СРМ, Струга, 1982, 23-25.
  Paskali V., Мicunоvic М.: Еден работен ден во Специјалната болница за ортопедија, трауматологија и косно-зглобна туберкулоза Охрид, Зборник на V конгрес на ЗР на СРМ, Струга, 1982, 162-164.
  Мicunоvic М., Paskali V., Vasilev Gj., Meskova M.: Третман на сколиозите во нашата установа, Зборник на V конгрес на ЗР на СРМ, Струга, 1982, 165-167.
  Мicunоvic М.: Уринарна нега параплегичара, Уролошки Архив, Београд, 1982, 20:195-197.
  Мicunоvic М., Ангелоски Г.: Оперативно лекување на идиопатските сколиози во Охрид, Мак. мед. преглед, Скопје, 1982, 36(5-6):130-131.
  Stoilkoski N., Bascandziev, Mostrov P., Мicunоvic М.: Почетни резултати во лекувањето на сколиозите, Мак. мед. преглед, Скопје, 1983, 37(1-2):28-30.
  Мicunоvic М., Аngelkoski G., Мићуновић-Naumoska S.: Уринарни програм параплегичара у Охриду, Здравствени радник, Сарајево, 1983, 11(23-25):2457-2459.
  Мicunоvic М.: Клинички значај рентгенског прегледа бубрега, Здравствени радник, Сарајево, 1983, 11(23-25):2465-2467.

Contact this address to view the rest of his scientific and expertise research papers:
e-mail: mmicun@freemail.org.mk
Теl: 046 266 336, 070 232 336
Аddress: Bul. Тuristicка 54, 6000 Оhrid, Маcеdoniа

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